Send WhatsApp Messages without saving number

Note* Recent update by WhatsApp (Web WhatsApp will work only for saved contact).

What is allows you to send WhatsApp messages directly to the phone number, without saving it to your contacts.

By Default Singapore country code is select. If you want to change just select the country or enter + country code before the whatsapp number.

Note: The entered phone number should already be registered on WhatsApp, otherwise the message won’t be received.

How to send WhatsApp message without saving the phone number? 

Simply enter the phone number you want to send a WhatsApp message to in the first input field, the required format is a phone number with a country code and acceptable input such as (example are using Singapore country code +65) and click or web whatsapp or app whatsapp button to start chat.



Phone numbers are not sent to our server or stored on our server. Phone numbers are sent directly to the WhatsApp servers.

This service is not associated with Meta, Facebook or WhatsApp in any way.

Send WhatsApp Messages

Send WhatsApp Messages Directly Without Saving Number

What is WhatsApp and How Does It Work?

WhatsApp is a messaging and social networking service owned by Facebook. It works similarly to other messaging and social networking services such as Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and Instagram. However, WhatsApp is not just for texting anymore; it’s also become a mass communication tool. WhatsApp has been around since 2009, but the app launched in 2009 was very different from how things work today. That was when Facebook purchased the service for $19 billion. Today, WhatsApp is used by over 1.2 billion people each month to send messages, photos, videos, and even voice calls on their mobile devices. In this article, you will learn what WhatsApp is, what features make it stand out from other messaging apps such as Messenger, and how you can start using WhatsApp on your smartphone or tablet device today.

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app developed by Facebook. It allows users to communicate with others instantly and securely across several devices, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops, etc. With over 1.9 billion active monthly users, WhatsApp is the world’s largest instant messaging application.

Here is a brief introduction to Whatsapp;

How does WhatsApp work? What differentiates it from other text/voice chat apps like Skype, Facebook Messenger, Viber, etc.? Let’s find out!

Instant Messaging: WhatsApp allows its user base to send messages and voice calls directly to contacts within seconds, so you can share photos, videos, documents, and files with ease, just like email when you’re offline.

Chatting platforms: WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption technology, allowing only the sender to read the sent and received content. No third party can intercept the message in transit.

Security: End-to-end encryption ensures that all messages are secure and cannot be decrypted even though they may be stored on the servers of WhatsApp.

Compatibility: WhatsApp is natively compatible with almost every smartphone platform and operating system. So, whether you’re using Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, or Symbian OS, WhatsApp is compatible with these. However, some smartphones running unsupported systems may not support WhatsApp.

In addition, WhatsApp also provides a web version of the service with similar functionalities. Users can access WhatsApp via Web Browser on PC, Mac, and Linux computers.

You can download the official WhatsApp application from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Once downloaded, open the app and signup. The signup process requires basic details like first name, last name, phone number, country, gender, birthday, mobile number verification, password recovery questions, etc.

After successful signup, users receive a verification code and, after entering the code, verify their mobile numbers.

Once verified, users can go ahead and initiate chats. To start chatting, click on the Chat icon at the bottom right corner and choose whom you wish to talk to.

Next, you’d enter a short message and hit Send button to send it. Now, wait till the recipient receives the message and responds. Then, finally, click on the conversation tab at the top left corner of the screen to view the messages exchanged between both parties.

Clicking on a specific message opens the conversation window and lets you read the message in detail. Then, you can reply to the message by clicking the Reply or Forward buttons at the top right corner of the conversation window.

Similarly, you can forward the message by tapping the Forward button. Moreover, tap on the contact photo to show additional information about the recipient. You’ll notice three dots in the upper right corner when you hover the mouse pointer above a contact’s name. Tap on one of the dots to bring up options like Share Contact Info, Add Friend, Block, Report Spam, Copy Link, Delete Messages, Delete Conversation, Remove Profile Picture, etc.

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